Norwegian Fish Oil®`s vision is to be the leading Norwegian supplier of high quality marine fish oil products in the world. The company has developed unique products that are sold under the brand Norwegian Fish Oil®. NFO today sells products in more than 40 countries and is one of Europe`s fastest growing companies within the Omega-3 market.

Norwegian Fish Oil AS® (NFO) is owned by three founders with extensive sales and marketing experience in health related products. The owners` strategy is to create an active ownership and develop the company into a leading international company through the sale and marketing of marine fish oil products, which strengthen one`s health and reflect concepts that have made Norway world famous in purity, beautiful nature, healthy values and quality standards.

NFO`s main office is in Trondheim – a headquarter for the Norwegian aquaculture and fishing industries and the export of Norwegian salmon. NFO`s products are produced at one of the oldest fish oil factories in the world with incorporated QS systems and the following certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 9002, GMP and HACCP. NFO has quickly established a strong brand in Asia, the Middle East, South and Central America as well as Europe and Scandinavia.

Norwegian Fish Oil® has developed unique cleaning methods to ensure that products are free of sea pollutants like PCB and heavy metals. The company`s product development, quality standards and processes ensure that consumers worldwide can use documented products, offering health advantages and preventing certain illnesses. NFO collaborates with research institutions and universities in Norway in developing products with the highest quality levels for the end user. NFO has assorted products within the following categories:

    • Omega-3 Oil 18/12
    • Omega-3 High Concentrated (several concentrates)
    • Omega-3 Liquid
    • Omega-3 Chewable (for children)
    • Omega-3 Gummies (for children)
    • Krill & Omega-3 Oil (Fosfolipids and Astaxanthin)
    • Salmon Oil (with EPA, DHA and DPA) – from pure Norwegian Salmon.
    • Shark Liver Oil
    • Cod Liver Oil Liquid
    • Tuna Oil

NFO adapts products, capsules and containers so that they are suitably tailored for all countries/markets. NFO`s products are sold in capsule form and as pure, flowing oils. The company has also developed capsule materials made from fish, rather than other animals, making them safer for consumers.

NFO is seeking new partners all over the world. NFO has prepared a marketing concept which contributes to its partners success in their home markets through the sale of the brand Norwegian Fish Oil®. NFO`s strong position in the world market is built upon high quality, pureness, sustainability and a strong Norwegian tradition within the fishing industry.

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