Salmon Oil

Norwegian Fish Oil Salmon Oil is cold-pressed and has therefore keeps all the nutrients that come natural from the Salmon. Our Salmon Oil is unique because it contains 8 different Omega fatty acids and the important antioxidant Astaxanthin.

Norwegian Fish Oil Salmon Oil has a natural content of the well-known fatty acids that the body does not produce naturally (Omega-3-6-7-9). It also contains Omega 1-4-5 and 11. There has been done extensive research on the effects of these fatty acids and their effects on the brain and lungs. This research is yet to be published.

The red/orange color we find in the salmon comes from the antioxidant Astaxanthin. This is one of the strongest antioxidants known to man. Astaxanthin is known to prolong the effect of the positive omega fatty acids in our body. Norwegian Fish Oil Salmon Oil also contains phospholipids, that directly nourishes the brain and nervous system. Phospholipids are natural fatty acids in the salmon’s brain and spine. These fatty acids are very beneficial for concentration and learning difficulties. Salmon oil is more complete than seal oil because it also contains DPA for joints, cartilage and bone.

Salmon Oil contains:
Astaxanthin (powerful antioxidant), Omega-3 (18% EPA and 12% DHA), Omega-6, Omega-7, Omega-9, DPA (Omega-3)

Suggested Dosage:
Adults and children 12 years and older: 2 capsules 1-3 times daily, after meals.

Store in a cool, dry place and out of reach and sight of children.

Do not exceed the daily recommended intake.

Food Supplements are intended to supplement the diet and should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.

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Nutritional information per 5 ml:

Per 1 softgel %RDA
Salmon Oil 500 mg +
Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids 146 mg +
EPA 30 mg +
DHA 33 mg +
DPA 15 mg +
Saturated Fatty Acids 155 mg +

%RDA based on a 2,000 calorie diet

RDA is according to Norwegian regulations
+RDA has not been established.

100% Pure Salmon Oil, Gelatin (fish), Glycerol, Antioxidants (Rosemary Extract, Natural Tocopherol, Ascorbic Palmitate), Emulsifiers (Propylene Glycol, Polyoxyethylene, Sorbitan Monooleate).