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We can proudly share this remarkable study with you. We got the great news from the prestigious medical journal: Springer Genes&Nutrition, as 9th of March publish the Omega-3 study of NFO Omega-3 Liquid on Rett Syndrome Patients.The results are so amazing and the NFO team are so happy to know that NFO products participate in giving these kids a better quality of life.

Research report

The video was taken by the parents/family of Rett Syndrome girls in Italy. It’s an amateur video, filmed by happy parents of their kids as was participated the study, so kindly understand the level of quality.

Hi Kim,

I hope you and your family are well.
As you may remember my daughter Dylan has the genetic disorder Rett Syndrome. She has been taking your fish oil for a month (10ml/day) and, as promised, here is an update on her condition:

  1. Her eye contact is much better. Her gaze has more intent. She notices more things around her including in her peripheral vision.
  2. Her blood circulation has improved dramatically. She has always (or maybe since about 12 months old) had freezing hands and feet. Now they are warm. Even when she has no socks on, her feet are no longer cold.
  3. She is now using two hands to try to pick up and manipulate objects. Her aim and grasp are still poor but she is trying new things.
  4. Her attention span is better – so too is her motivation to play with toys and crawl towards them.
  5. She was generally content anyway but we have noticed she has fewer periods of irritability.
  6. She is more vocal. She has made new sounds – although not words.

I know a lot of this could be subjective but I have tried to be as objective as possible. We didn’t tell any of her various health professionals about the fish oil – but her occupational therapist, physiotherapist & nursery teacher have all independently noticed a change in her. We are naturally very pleased with the results and are looking forward to further improvements. I have been spreading the word about Norwegian Fish Oil® to parents in the Rett community in England because I am in no doubt about its benefits. Thank you.

I hope this is of some interest.

Kind regards,


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